If you are a master studenti in:

  • Agricultural Sciences / Scienze Agrarie
  • Agro-environmental Sciences / Scienze Agroambientali
  • Crops and Plant Sciences / Scienze della produzione e delle piant

you can be ammitted to a:


The Path of Excellence in a learning path designed to offer to more deserving and motivated students additional training opportunities through methodological and applicative activities for the enhancement of their skills and the development of a complete personal and professional identity.

Important deadlines:

21 October 2020: Applications

01 Decembre 2020: beginnig of the path

What to do now:

  • Read the call
  • Check the asked requisites
  • Project your personal path also with the help of one of your teacher
  • Write your motivational letter
  • Search for any letters of support form university professors and / or researchcers from recognized research institutions

Bando PoE 2020

Flyer PoE

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