Interested in animal welfare? Students interested in this topic may apply for an UFAW Animal Welfare Student Scholarships and HSA Student/Trainee Scholarships!

For the UFAW scholarships, applications are welcome from individuals studying at universities or colleges in the British Isles or a non-UK institution at which there is a UFAW University Link. The University of Milan is part of this link, and Prof. Silvana Mattiello is the contact person.

Students applying for those scholarships will usually be undertaking courses in the agricultural, biological, psychological, veterinary or zoological sciences.

Projects may be carried out within the UK or overseas and must be relevant to improving the welfare of farm, companion, laboratory, zoo or free-living wild animals whose welfare is compromised by human factors.

Similarly for the HSA scholarships, which aim at improving the welfare of food animals in markets, during transport or at slaughter, applications are welcomed from students and industry trainees registered at universities or establishment in the UK or a non-UK institution at which there is a UFAW University Link.

The project may be carried out as an integral part of a student’s coursework over an academic year or during the summer vacation.

As part of these scholarships, in addition to the production of a report, successful scholars will also be asked to present the results of their studies at a meeting in mid-December.

Please note that the closing date for receipt of applications for is 28th February 2020.

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