The MiND FoodS Hub project is about to start. The project is an innovative concept aimed at the eco-intensification of crops production and at the promotion of healthy models for human nutrition. The project is coordinated by Arexpo, and UNIMI participates with seven departments.

MiND FoodS will identify crops with optimal nutritional profiles and will develop optimized and innovative growing systems. The products derived from this research phase will be functionally validated. MiND FoodS operates in the context of the Milan Innovation District, where it will develop a food system digital hub. As a result, the scientific research based on agriculture will fuel further innovation, development and social responsibility. The final outcomes will impact the know-how, the companies and the consumers of the whole Region.

The scientific approach is highly multidisciplinary, and UNIMI is investing the resources of the Departments of Biosciences, Informatics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomolecular and Pharmacological Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Food & Nutrition and Environmental Sciences. Moreover, the Italian Auxologic Institute and five private companies are part of the project team.

The project is coordinated by prof. Patrizia Riso (DeFENS) and prof. Gianni Sacchi (DISAA), and is set to start on March 1st 2020.

In figure the project’s four pillars. Primary food materials will be selected based on their nutritional potential, and products will be obtained and nutritionally improved. They will be functionally evaluated, using a multidisciplinary technological hub.


prof. Gian Attilio Sacchi