The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences participates as a partner in the project “Innovative approaches to evaluate the provision of ecosystem services by forests of Lombardy Region (USEFOL)”, financed by the Lombardy Region as part of the Call for funding for research projects in agricultural and forestry sector, as approved in DGR n. X/7353. The call responds to the objectives of the “Regional research program in the agricultural and forestry sectors and rural areas” of the Lombardy Region, and it is complementary to the 2014-2020 PSR measures and the S3 regional smart specialization Strategy. The project is coordinated by the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin (DiSAFA UniTo) and also involves the Italian Federation of Energy Producers from Renewable Sources (FIPER) and the Association of Forestry Consortia of Lombardy Region (ACFL). The aim is to develop a tool based on remote sensing, G.I.S., simulation models of forest dynamics and Lombardy Region databases, to achieve four General Objectives: (1) estimation of the harvestable wood biomass from forest stands that can be used for energy or building purposes; (2) estimation of the generable carbon (C) credits for a local voluntary C market; (3) estimation of the substitution effects of C- intensive materials with wood and (4) projections of forest growth according to alternative management practices and climate change up to 2050. The Case Study areas are Valtellina and Valle Camonica. The beneficiaries of project results will be: (1) Forestry Consortia; (2) Local Authorities (Municipalities, Mountain Communities); (3) agronomists, foresters, architects, engineers; (4) cogeneration central heating plants; (5) associations of logging companies and (6) individual citizens. Beneficiaries and supply chain stakeholders will be provided with technical-operational and management indications to minimize biomass production costs and to ensure a higher use of local resources, to encourage the development of short forest-wood supply chains.

A specific site will be opened when the project is activated.


Marco Fiala; +39 503 16 868