Great success of the first edition of the REE Laboratories (Research Enriched Education Labs), organized by DiSAA for students of Master’s degree courses

The Research Enriched Education laboratories were born with the aim to directly involve the master’s students, together with their teachers, in the research activity through all the phases of the scientific process with the objective of promoting the development of critical thinking, independent judgment and problem solving skills.

For the Department, this innovative education experiment has represented a great challenge, due to the huge resources invested in terms of departmental funds and staff involvement (teachers, technicians, administrative staff, research fellows and PhD students). The organizational effort has been rewarded from the beginning by the significant adhesion to the initiative by the students.

In the first edition, 9 REE laboratories were activated, covering a variety of disciplines and involving more than 60 master students.

The labs were held between July and September 2019; the activities ended with a workshop for the presentation of the results by the students at the Landriano Educational and Experimental Farm (PV). The morning ended with a moment of conviviality, during which, with the valuable support of the technicians of the experimental farms of Landriano and Arcagna, learners and teachers (professors, researchers, technicians, research fellows and PhD students) shared a country lunch.

The experimentation ended with a complete satisfaction, as evidenced also by the anonymous judgments formulated by the students. Satisfaction that went far beyond expectations especially for the maturity and interest shown by the students and the great availability and enthusiasm of the colleagues, young and senior, who organized and implemented such a challenging initiative.

Anna Sandrucci e Osvaldo Failla

Direzione Disaa

Final Report REE 2019 con postfazione