Great success of the demonstration day of the LIFE FORAGE4CLIMATE project at the Menozzi farm in Landriano with the students

The demonstration day of the Life Forage4Climate project took place on May 10 in Landriano at the experimental farm of the University of Milan. The event was attended by about 60 students of the bachelor course in Agricultural Science and Technology and a group of students of the Master courses in Agricultural Sciences and Agro-environmental Sciences.

During the morning there were several demonstration activities on precision livestock feeding, including the presentation of an innovative self-propelled mixer wagon for assisted weighing, mixing and distributing of total mixed ration (TMR) for dairy cows, equipped with sensors for the determination of the dry matter of forages and for the control of the homogeneity of TMR, the demonstration of the use of a portable instrument for the NIR analysis of forages, a game for the demonstration of the use of a thermal weighing Instrument for the rapid determination of the dry matter of  forages.

In the afternoon a short course was held with the presentation of the results of three LIFE projects on the mitigation of the environmental impact of livestock farms