Milano, via Celoria 2, Laboratorio di Informatica di Ingegneria Agraria

Giovedì 12 dicembre 2019, 11:00

dott. Agr. Giambattista Merigo (Studio Agriter – Crema)

Biomethane is an energy source of considerable interest and with potentially significant positive repercussions on the national and international production of renewable energy.
The production of biomethane is compatible with the presence of an agri-food supply chain thanks to cultivation techniques and practices that do not negatively impact on the availability of food because they use by-products, livestock effluents and vegetable crops obtained from marginal lands or unsuitable for the production of food crops.
For this reason it is important to use adequate tools to assess the environmental sustainability of the biomethane production chain, as the law in this regard also requires.
The seminar aims to provide operational elements to carry out the environmental sustainability assessment of this renewable energy production system.

Figure: The production of biomethane from livestock manure is a flexible renewable energy, but requires an assessment of the environmental sustainability of the supply chain.


Prof. Giorgio Provolo (Programme in Agro-Environmental Science)