Agriculture, Environment and Bioenergy PhD Course

7 PhD positions –> Deadline for applicants: 02.09.22
Our planet is experiencing a decline in its non-renewable resources and is exposed to risks deriving from climate change.
The agricultural sector must supply food, non-food products, ecosystem services and energy, whilst guaranteeing safety and food sovereignty. It is therefore essential to develop advanced training courses in order to achieve efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural sector and its various territorial contexts, taking into account the various elements of the production system and their organisation in agro-ecosystems.
Reference is made to:
a) phenotypic and genotypic features and the valorisation of genetic resources;
b) containment of biotic and abiotic adversities;
c) implementation of predictive IT models;
d) bioenergy production, use of residual substances, soil and water resource conservation;
e) analysis and management of technical means, agricultural processes, multi-functionality of rural areas and of agrobiodiversity.
The programme enable researchers to:
a) develop autonomous research;
b) prepare and propose public and private research projects on a local, national and international level;
c) identify research needs and their scientific, social and economic relevance;
d) transfer knowledge through teaching activities and the presentation of data and results;
e) transfer research results to the public and private sphere.
Doctoral programme coordinator:


Professor Bianco Piero Attilio: